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According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Zero Trust is the term used for β€œan evolving set of cybersecurity paradigms that move defenses from static, network-based perimeters to focus on users, assets, and resources.” As network locations begin to shift from on-premises to the cloud, security standards are changing to protect resources. NIST released their final version of Special Publication 800-207 Zero Trust Architecture in August, outlining where federal agencies can improve their cybersecurity infrastructure. This program will bring together thought leaders from government and industry to discuss best practices and challenges to Zero Trust.

Appearing on this program with Francis Rose, Government Matters Thought Leadership Network:

  • Scott Rose, Computer Scientist, NIST
  • Grant Schneider, Former Federal Chief Information Security Officer
  • Dean Scontras, Vice President, U.S. Public Sector, Duo Security
  • Dan Commons, Chief Information Security Officer, Office of Federal Student Aid, Dept. of Education
  • Gerald Caron, Director, Enterprise Network Management, State Department
  • Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Duo Security

This show is brought to you by Duo Security
This sponsored program was created in conjunction with the Government Matters Thought Leadership Network. Government employees were not compensated and do not endorse any companies associated with this program.


Technology Innovation: Digital Roadmaps

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March 2021
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