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Alan Balutis, senior director & distinguished fellow at Cisco Systems, and Pete Tseronis, founder & CEO of Dots and Bridges, discuss what federal employees should think about before leaving government.

When is the right time to leave the federal government? 8,000 employees left the government in July for many reasons from reaching retirement age to being offered positions in the private sector. Alan Balutis, Senior Director & Distinguished Fellow at Cisco Systems, says that it’s important for employees to take a break between roles.

“It may be because you’re so caught up in the pace and pressures of government, you don’t realize that you should take some time to decompress and think a little bit more about such a significant move,” Balutis said. “When I see people who have been in these big government jobs go from retiring on Friday and starting their new job Monday, I think you are not doing this the right way, and you are not putting the right thought on this.”

Pete Tseronis, founder & CEO of Dots and Bridges LLC, says that employees should thoroughly think things through before they start the process.

“You have to think about and do a lot of introspection. You have to say ‘What do I believe is my passion and how am I going to go out and stay credible, authentic and humble.’ Because the government teaches, or at least taught me that, there’s a different

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