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Caitlin Emma, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico and Jack Fitzpatrick, congressional reporter at Bloomberg Government, detail what the final versions of the FY20 spending bills look like, and some surprising contents within.

Deals have been reached on two omnibus bills to fully fund the government for the rest of the 2020 fiscal year. Caitlin Emma, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico, says that the deal was a long time in the making.


“Things just kind of stalled out for months and months. Appropriators weren’t able to reach the deal on subcommittee allocations until just before Thanksgiving. This has been a long time coming,” Emma said. “What is kind of amazing, in recent days, I feel that Washington is so consumed by impeachment at the moment, but this spending deal came together in record time. It is really amazing that we’re at the point we are at right now. To reach this compromise, House Democrats and Senate Republicans really met in the middle on a lot of these allocations.”


Jack Fitzpatrick, congressional reporter at Bloomberg Government says that there are lots of small things in the bill that make both sides of the aisle happy.


“The big takeaway for Democrats was they got increases on a lot of the things they wanted to increase even if it wasn’t as much as they wanted to. Each of the 12 appropriations bills increases spending over fiscal 19 overall. This is a chance for Democrats to fill out that budget caps deal. Republicans are very excited about the defense spending increase,” Fitzpatrick said. “There are really a lot of little things that the Democrats were happy about, 25 million dollars to research gun violence for the CDC and NIH, which they have not been able to do since the ’90s.”

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