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Michael Sachse, CEO of Stardog Union, and Steven Boberski, vice president of business development and product management at collab9, discuss the Federal Data Strategy from an industry perspective.

The Office of Management and Budget is reviewing input from industry on the Federal Data Strategy, but what role does industry play in the execution of the strategy? Michael Sachse, CEO of Stardog Union, says that there are a few different challenges in data management that industry has experience with.


“There are going to be many different types of data and a much greater volume of data going forward. The real challenge is going to be ‘How do you find solutions that are flexible and are future proof?’ So that as your datasets change, you are able to work across all of it and not [be] stuck with what feels like legacy technology. This is something that every large company is struggling with right now, so I think there’s a lot that the government can learn from industry on this one,” Sachse said, “The core insight is that you are not going to get it all in one place, you’re not going to get it all in one format. Once you accept that as a truth of the situation, then you start looking for more flexible ways to manage what you have. I think that’s the challenge going forward. There’s no one size fits all here.”


Steven Boberski, vice president of business development and product management at collab9, told Government Matters that the current draft is good, but far too slow in its implementation.


“While the framework is there, there’s a practicality to the timeline that in some places is too constrained, but in other ways, it’s a little protracted… A progress report is due in September of this year, and the first draft is due September of next year. To take that long is little unrealistic. I think they need to give the agencies a little more time on the personnel side, but certainly the planning phase does not need to take two years.”

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