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Michael Garland, principal at Garland LLC, and Gaurav "GP" Pal, CEO and founder of stackArmor, discuss how Netflix could be a model for cloud adoption in government.

In the push to modernize government services, federal CIOs are migrating several systems to the cloud. However, there are questions that need to be answered.  Two industry professionals write in FCW that a good model for government cloud adoption comes from internet streaming giant Netflix. Gaurav “GP” Pal, CEO and founder of stackArmor, says that having the infrastructure provided by an outside cloud service is one of Netflix’s strengths that could be applied.   “What we find amazing about Netflix is that the company basically had the wherewithal and ability to definitely set up their infrastructure, but they didn’t. I think that’s a remarkable decision,” Pal said. “They essentially consumed a giant shared infrastructure delivered by a cloud provider, and so by investing with them, and helping them get better. Netflix was able to consume a constantly improving service.”   Michael Garland, principal at Garland LLC, says that the because the government already has a tech infrastructure, they have to figure out how to replace it efficiently and effectively. “The government has invested very heavily into their infrastructure and it is what it is, now the question is the economical way to migrate it to take advantage of these new technologies,” Garland said. “The point is, if you move what is relevant to the cloud, the lift and shift approach, you can start chipping away at some of that stuff and taking advantage of these technologies immediately.

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