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Matthew Cornelius, executive director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation, discusses the Pentagon’s search for innovative ideas and tech, and how industry can assist.

The Defense Department is searching for ways to bring private sector tech innovation into their enterprise. Matthew Cornelius, executive director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation, says that industry can offer solutions that the government isn’t considering right now.

“Most of the time folks in the Pentagon or elsewhere in the government don’t come out and talk so openly about issues, that is essentially a red light flashing saying ‘Industry help us.’ I think when you hear someone like Gen. Hyten saying a 50 percent solution should be good enough for an awful lot of what we do at DoD. The government sometimes doesn’t understand that industry are sometimes producing 80 or 90% solutions that meet a lot of their needs,” Cornelius said. “It’s that last 10 percent where the government adds on new special requirements or particular things that only the government wants that delays innovation, delays the acquisition will process and frankly, gets a lot of younger, smaller companies that really want to come in and help in the public sector provide capabilities to the DoD, it pushes them away versus wanting to come in and offer their products and services.”

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Digital Transformation: Fostering Innovation Through Technology, People and Process

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