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Ariel Gold, Senior Advisor at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy at DOT, discusses how the department is working on AI issues, whether through technology or policy.

The National Science Foundation and the Department of Transportation are teaming up to research the use of Artificial intelligence at their organizations. With the amount of data coursing through these agencies, and rapid development in the field, getting ahead of AI policy is a major priority. Ariel Gold, senior advisor at the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy at DOT, says that DOT needs to stake out their role in the AI space.


“We’re enabling the safe integration of AI into the transportation system. You think of those automated vehicles and the like. We are not inventing the AI, we’re not developing it. We are in a policy and technical assistance type role to make sure that life-saving technology gets out there safely and efficiently,” Gold said. “The second is just using AI based tools to improve our own internal processes, operations, research and citizen-facing services. Just having that kind of common understanding allows us to move forward together and play the right role.”

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