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Kim Weaver, Director of External Affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, provides information about the new L-Funds added to the Thrift Savings Plan and explains how the money is invested

62,000 federal employees now have money in the newest additions to the Thrift Savings Plan, representing over $4.5 billion. Kim Weaver, Director of External Affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, updated Government Matters on the new L-Funds in the Thrift Savings Plan.

The additions to the TSP are new 5-year L-Funds, which go out to 2065, Weaver explained. Participants make selections unless they are auto-enrolled, in which case they are put wherever their closest target date fund is.

The money is expected to increase over the years. According to Weaver, there has been an upward trend with the L 2050 Fund, driven by BRS auto-enrollees. Auto-enrollees are placed into plans based on their birthdate.

The L Funds are rebalanced every quarter to change the investment mix to suit the person’s age. The L Income Fund, which is for people drawing money now or soon, is heavily weighted towards G and F Funds because they’re less volatile, Weaver said. There is also a portion in equities.

Weaver confirmed that the TSP recently hit 6 million participants. “We get roughly 250,000 new BRS participants – uniformed services – and we also get roughly 200,000 new feds each year, and 65% of those people, when they separate from government, they leave their money in, so the pool is ever expanding,” she said.

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