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Updates in artificial intelligence and data
Nick Sinai, venture partner at Insight Partners, discusses the growing prevalence of AI at the White House, and how federal agencies will incorporate machine learning into their missions.

The White House’s artificial intelligence efforts are ramping up. The Office of Science and Technology Policy assembled the government’s top tech leaders for an AI summit. Nick Sinai, venture partner at Insight Partners, says that there are a few ways to view the AI software buildup in the government.


“There are two ways to look at this. One is developing AI capacity inside of government, hiring the data scientists, getting our data in order. That’s tremendously important, we are making some progress there. The Joint AI Center is the flagship initiative,” Sinai said. “The other piece of this is buying modern software that increasingly has AI capabilities built into it. The important piece to this is that modern software has artificial intelligence as part of the capability set. As we go to modernize government to improve the customer experience, we will increasingly be buying AI software.”

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