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Kea Matory, Director of Legislative Policy for the National Defense Industrial Association, discusses how the Pentagon can prepare for the future of defense.

As the year draws to a close, Congress continues to inch towards passing the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act despite a veto from President Donald Trump. With a few weeks left in this congressional term, lawmakers have been trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible.

“It’s been a busy December for all of us. We’re very happy to have the certainty that has come with having our appropriations bill with the omnibus and many of the authorizations that were provided in the relief bill as well,” Kea Matory, legislative policy director at NDIA said.

Despite the incoming group of representatives, and new leadership on committees, Matory believes both sides of the aisle are committed to advancing defense priorities.

“There will be some movement, but we know from a leadership standpoint who the players will be and continue to work with,” Matory said. “…[Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe and Ranking Member Jack Reed] are dedicated to supporting our warfighters, making sure our military has the resources they need.”

The 116th Congress will conclude on Sunday, January 3rd. The Senate is expected to vote on the NDAA, and override the presidential veto, later this week.

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January 2021
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