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Robert Shea, principal at Grant Thornton Public Sector, details how inspectors general are calling attention to the vacancies within their community, and what they’re doing to fix it.

A new page on tracks vacancies within the IG community. There are currently 10 open inspector general jobs at agencies across the Executive Branch. Robert Shea, principal at Grant Thornton Public Sector, says that the role of the inspector general is one that needs to be consistently filled across agencies.

“There is an important role for these independent views on agency activities to take place. Trusting government has been on the decline for many years. This position can transparently report what is going well, and what is not. It can enlist agencies in saying what they are going to do to address some systemic shortcomings in their management and performance.” Shea said. “This is a position that spans the history of our nation. We are going almost 50 years with inspectors general. A good track record of not only reporting, but saving ways of saving taxpayers billions and billions of dollars.”

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