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Brett Mansfield, senior advisor to the DoD Inspector General, discusses the top ten management challenges report for 2020 and efforts being made to improve the care of service members and their families.

The Department of Defense’s Inspector General has published their top ten challenges report for the 2020 fiscal year. The new report replaced two issues from last year’s and is shifting their focus for the upcoming year. Brett Mansfield, Senior Advisor to the Inspector General at DoD, says the IG office will look this upcoming year at the department’s commitment to service members and their families.


“We took what was patricianly readiness… and we’ve refocused that one onto caring for the service members and their families.” Mansfield said. “The idea being there, that there are a lot of stressors that are inherent in the military environment. But if you can remove some of those stressors from the families, that makes your service members more ready to go into battle because they don’t have things sitting in the back of their mind when they’re thinking about home.”

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