Government Matters Thought Leadership Opportunities


If a thought leader falls in the woods…

There are many opportunities in the federal marketplace for the creation of thought leadership, but Government Matters provides the opportunity for the distribution of it. We can not only produce high quality, HD video content, but provide a tier 1 distribution platform to assure your thought leadership is consumed by enough of the right audience to create a meaningful impact. Whether you are looking for short-form videos, longer formatted panels or a traditional lead-gen webinar, Government Matters has the resources and audience to deliver results.

Short-Form Thought Leadership

We can create :60/:90/:120 videos that can highlight your SMEs and showcase your organization’s strengths. We will run these videos during Government Matters. In addition, you now have a great asset that can be shared via social media, blogs, email etc.

Long-Form Thought Leadership

We can also produce a custom 30 min show that would air immediately after Government Matters. We would drive people to tune into the show and then after the show aired, we would pull excerpts from the program and run them during Government Matters driving people to watch an archive of the program on-demand.


Highlight Spot


30-Minute Show

60-Second  Excerpt

For more information about how to create a custom program, please contact Manager of Federal Sales and Operations, John Meyer at 202-276-6808