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Nick Sinai, senior advisor at Insight Partners, discusses the aging federal tech workforce, and how the government can get younger talent inside agencies.

Only three percent of the federal IT workforce is under the age of 30, and more than half is above the age of 50. With the tech field changing rapidly, making sure the government workforce stays competitive with the private sector is important to maintaining a good knowledgebase. Nick Sinai, senior advisor at Insight Partners, believes that the government can get more young professionals in very quickly


“I think agencies can do it. I’m also a fan of a whole of government approach where we think big,” Sinai said. “Imagine a digital surge. Imagine if we were trying to recruit 10,000 technical people to government over the next 2 years. That would include thinking about how we reform hiring and hire faster, how do we have modern environments for those people and have professional development and upskilling.”

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