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Jessie Bur, associate editor of Federal Times, Nicole Ogrysko, workforce & personnel reporter at Federal News Network, and Emily Wilkins, congressional reporter at Bloomberg Government, discuss what they’re looking at when it comes to the federal workforce in the new year.

2019 was a huge year for the federal workforce, with stories like the potential OPM-GSA merger taking prominence. Government Matters convened a panel of federal workforce reporters to examine what the top stories might be next year.


Jessie Bur/Associate Editor, Federal Times

“I will be interested to track what is going on with the collective bargaining agreements. There’s a lot of push to get more control over put-in-play flexibilities like telework, and to remove a lot of the hours that the unions themselves have. It is going to be interesting to see how those are contested and what the rulings are.”


Nicole Ogrysko/Workforce & Personnel Reporter, Federal News Network

“I think Congress says anything that is in OPM’s statute absolutely should not move for the time being. NAPA could come in and say ‘We think that retirement services and healthcare should move to the General Services Administration.’ They could come back with a proposal that looks similar to what the Trump administration has suggested. It’ll be interesting to see how the administration responds to that provision in the NDAA and how they move forward.”



Emily Wilkins/Congressional Reporter, Bloomberg Government


“America is behind other countries in the amount of paid family leave that they offer. I think there was a real sense that this is something we need to get done and that it was something that you saw people in the Trump administration supporting. This has been a key issue for Ivanka Trump, and I think you saw everyone say it’s time, and it’s something we can do particularly for the federal employees. That’s what the government has control over. They don’t have the worry about interfering in the private sector. Though they are certainly hoping that now that the federal government has set this standard that more private industries will follow.”

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