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Angela Styles and Adam Bodner from the Public Buildings Reform Board detail their new list of federal properties to downsize, and how eliminating some buildings can give back to the community.

The Public Buildings Reform Board has a new list of federally owned real estate that should be downsized. These twelve properties range from government offices to land surrounding employment centers. Angela Styles, member of the Public Buildings Reform Board, says that selling or replacing buildings will lead to widespread benefits, both for the government and local communities.


“The perfect example is in Laguna Niguel, California. There’s an old, old building that’s not earthquake proof and has asbestos in it. You’ve got USCIS and DHS folks in there and they need a new building. It’s on 90 acres in the middle of Laguna Niguel, we need to sell that and we need figure out a new place for these people,” Styles said. “[They need] a new building and new location In the same city, because the city wants the federal employees and they want to be there too. It will be transformational for them.


Adam Bodner, Executive Director of the Public Buildings Reform Board, told Government Matters that their top goal is to change the way the federal building portfolio is managed.


“The mission is really to look at underutilized or unnecessary federal real estate and expedite its disposal. The law that set us up, the Federal Assets Sale and Transfer Act, gave us some authorities that [the government] doesn’t typically have,” Bodner said. “It enables us to go ‘straight to sale’ with some of the properties rather than through the normal federal disposal process.”

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