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Danny Werfel, managing director and partner at Boston Consulting Group, and Robert Shea, principal at Grant Thornton Public Sector, discuss the role of the President’s Management Agenda and lasting implementations made by prior presidencies.

It’s been ten years since the Bush administration’s version of the President’s Management Agenda went into effect, and the policy proved to be sustainable throughout several presidencies. Robert Shea, principal at Grant Thornton Public Sector, says that government management has been moving in the right direction for several years.

“A lot of agencies began with red, migrated to green. One thing you have to be careful of is raising the bar,” Shea said. “The Obama administration did it, and the Trump administration is doing it. Raising consistent levels of improvement so that we can achieve some of the long-term savings and the performance that we are looking for.”


Danny Werfel, managing director and partner at Boston Consulting Group, discusses the preexisting framework in government management and the importance of transparency.

“One thing that I think we’ve lost, which I’d love to get back about the Bush Agenda, which is that the notion of getting to green became such a part of the culture inside government. That you had agencies, you walked through the halls of agencies, you saw signage, you saw posters, about proud to get to green,” Werfel told Government Matters. “It was a rallying cry around the emphasis on management and implementation, and I think future management agenda should learn from that and get back to that. It is a real important part of the culture to get everyone to drive towards that very simple goal.”

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June 2021
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