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Sherry Van Sloun, Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Human Capital, discusses how the intelligence community is looking at their workers, and what they’re doing to tap into all available talent.

Agencies in the Intelligence community are scoring high on the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. One of the top ranked agencies this year was the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The ODNI workers reported good feedback on mission and enjoy their positions much more than years prior. Sherry Van Sloun, Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Human Capital, says that there are a few key factors that determined their placement in the rankings.


“Employees feel like their work is important. And also they feel like there’s good communication and feedback with their supervisor. Those are two key factors of engagement.” Sloun said. “…If you go back to basics a little bit and go back to what our principal executive Andrew Hallman said at the PPS ceremony, it is about our people, our leaders, and our mission, and I think if we take care of the people, if they have an inclusive environment to come to work everyday and feel like they are apart of something bigger and if we’re training our leaders to build that environment and build that culture and keep that mission on the cutting edge where we’re facing new challenges and threats, there’s nothing like our mission.”

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