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Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at the Department of Homeland Security, discusses the future of the Office of Personnel Management, and why the agency needs more support as soon as possible.

With the merger of the Office of Personnel Management and the General Services Administration still up in the air, the need to fix OPM remains in the conversation. While there are many solutions proposed, Jeff Neal, former chief human capital officer at the Department of Homeland Security, says that the bottom line is that agency HR needs even more support.


“Federal HR is really in trouble right now. They are having trouble meeting the mission in some places. It is not exactly the most well-liked part of the typical agency, and there are a lot of things that need to be done with the federal workforce,” Neal said. “There’s really no comprehensive workforce planning. We really don’t know what the workforce is going to look like in five years because agencies and OPM are not doing the planning. We don’t know what kind of policies we are going to need, because we don’t know what kind of workforce we are going to hire. We know tens of thousands of federal employees are going to be affected by AI, but we have nothing going on that to actually plan for that workforce in the future. That’s the most important thing that OPM is really going to be falling short on and it needs help to do that.”

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