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Casey Wardynski, assistant secretary for Manpower & Reserve Affairs at the Army, and LTG Thomas Seamands, Deputy Army Chief of Staff for Personnel, discuss how the branch’s new personnel strategy will improve their workforce and job selection, and how the rollout is progressing.

The Army has a new strategy for the troops under their purview. The Army People Strategy changes the way that skills and talents are accounted for across the branch’s components. Casey Wardynski, assistant secretary for Manpower & Reserve Affairs at the Army, says that recent advances in technology are what allow the strategy to succeed.

“It really enables the strategy. In the old world before this kind of technology, the kind of granular information we’re talking about, ‘What books are you reading? What areas of interest do you have outside of work?’ There wouldn’t have been anywhere in the database to put that,” Wardnyski said. “The new database is going to accommodate that kind of information, and the marketplace that’s going into effect sort of incentivizes it. The more we know about that kind of information, the better job we can do to match you to a job you’re going to really like.”

LTG Thomas Seamands, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel at the Army, says their rollout plan is progressing well.

“We’ve started and sequenced it going to the Army National Guard first. We’re live in 15 states and the District of Columbia. We get rave reviews from all the people that transitioned over. Next year we will go into the Reserve and Guard and after that we’ll do pay,” Seamands said. “I think it’s going to resonate. The feedback we’re getting from the NCOs who process it and the soldiers affected by it is that they really like a user-friendly transparent system to be managed by.”

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