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Max Stier, president & CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, and Danny Werfel, managing director at the Boston Consulting Group, explain the latest worker satisfaction rankings at government agencies, and how the list changed this year.

Once again, NASA is considered the best agency to work for in the federal government, according to the annual list compiled by the Partnership for Public Service. Max Stier, president & CEO, Partnership for Public Service, says that this year’s list is bigger and more comprehensive than ever before


“We have more components of government in the rankings than ever before. We have a bunch of agencies that participate that don’t even do the FEVS because they care so much about being included in this.” Stier said. “It’s really important in a world in which you can’t manage what you don’t measure. The government isn’t about financial return, it’s about performance of public good… this isn’t about happy employees, it’s about how they’re performing and how our government is performing.”


Danny Werfel, managing director at the Boston Consulting Group says that NASA is a special place for the workers there, because they connect with the mission.


“Where the government tends to do really well is the employee’s connection with mission and whether it’s in NASA or any other federal agency, that’s a real strength,” Werfel said. “What NASA’s been able to do, I think better than a lot of other agencies, is take the fact that their employees feel that real passion and connection for their mission and then build off that and leverage that to improve employee engagement.”

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