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GEN James McConville, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, discusses JADC2 and mental health of soldiers during COVID-19

The Army’s new collaboration with the Air Force on the Joint All-Domain Command and Control program could do for 21st century warfighting what AirLand Battle did at the end of the Cold War, the Army’s Chief of Staff told “Government Matters.”

The new agreement Army Chief of Staff General James McConville and Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Brown signed recently is similar to the AirLand Battle agreement the forces signed in 1984, McConville said Sunday.

“The vision is that all sensors will be tied together to the right shooter, and using the proper battle command system,” McConville said. “We’ll have speed and range that we have never seen before.”

The Army’s latest contribution to JADC2 is “combined,” according to McConville. “We know that in the future our partners and allies will be critical in any type of conflict we’re involved in.”

The technology JADC2 includes, though, isn’t the most important system the Army has, he said. “The Army is people,” McConville told “Government Matters.” “They’re our greatest strength and our most important weapons system.”

That strength comes from teams, so “we want to connect our soldiers to their leaders. We want to connect our soldiers to their buddies, we want to connect their families,” McConville said.


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