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Key topics this Solutions for Mission Success program on Technology Change, Adoption, and Organizational Transformation covers:

  • The true nature of the challenge
  • What exactly the ‘frozen middle’ is and why it’s critical to address it
  • The importance of managing the change in digital transformation

Appearing on the program are Bill Marion, Deputy Chief Information Officer, USAF, Col. Thomas Cantilina M.C. (USAF), Chief Health Informatics Officer, Defense Health Agency, David Bennett, Director of Operations, DISA, and Andrea Inserra, Executive Vice President and Lead, Global Defense Operations and Market Strategy at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Featured Clips

The Technology Adoption Challenge

Thawing the ‘Frozen Middle’ in the Context of Technology Adoption

Minimizing the ‘Technology Adoption Chasm’

This program is presented by the Government Matters Thought Leadership Network and technical partner Booz Allen Hamilton.