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The days of stove-piped military information technology systems supporting singularly-focused missions are largely over. The Department of Defense wants to eliminate those restrictions, deliver enterprise applications, and integrate them throughout the system – to fully enable today’s Modern Warfighter. This 30-minute program will bring together thought leaders from the DoD and the private sector for a look at topics like efficiency, readiness, and innovation – all through the lens of IT. This program will also highlight IT efforts designed to harness emerging technologies and better serve the warfighter.

Appearing on this program with Francis Rose, Government Matters Thought Leadership Network:

  • Thomas Modly, Under Secretary of the Navy
  • Melissa Pratt, Portfolio Manager, Logistics Cataloging and Data Solutions, DLA
  • Tony Delgado, Program Manager, R&D Additive Manufacturing, DLA
  • Jennifer Edgin, Chief Technology Officer, USMC
  • Jim Richberg, Field Chief Information Security Officer, Fortinet

This show is brought to you by Fortinet.
This sponsored program was created in conjunction with the Government Matters Thought Leadership Network. Government employees were not compensated and do not endorse any companies associated with this program.

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October 2021
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