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Simon Szykman, CTO for Federal Services at Attain, explains what the latest FITARA grades mean for federal agencies, and why it’s good news for the state of federal IT.

The latest iteration of the FITARA Scorecard showed marked improvements. Several agencies scored an ‘A’ and the average score across the government is now a ‘C+.’ Simon Szykman, CTO for Federal Services at Attain, says that every agency needs to keep the momentum going.


“Honestly, i think the best thing they can be doing is communicating the basis and the source of their success to their colleagues. It was great news for the agencies that got ‘A’s and ‘A+’s, but if you look across the scorecard, we have more agencies in the C range than in the A and B range combined. There is a lot of progress to be done,” Szykman said. “Those agencies may be focused on keeping their A’s, but the government as a whole is raising the water level for everyone, not just maintaining the top handful of agencies doing very well.”

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