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Washington Post

Is banning TikTok effective?

TikTok is now barred from federal devices due to concerns about Chinese spying and manipulation. There’s even a bill in Congress to ban the app outright in the U.S. A lot of concern about TikTok currently comes from the theoretical risk due to TikTok being owned by a Chinese company, and in China, there isn’t […]


Global progress on climate change

Every fall, world leaders meet to discuss climate change. But since last year’s talks, few governments have taken substantial action.


Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program

Lisa Rein, reporter for the Washington Post, explains what she found when investigating problems with a program to help veterans get jobs


US government coordination in Afghanistan evacuation was “a lot more strained” than it seemed

After the fatal suicide bombing at the Kabul airport last summer, the Army conducted an investigation. That 2,000-page report was released to the Washington Post through a Freedom of Information Act request. It provides a detailed account of the evacuation and the effort to secure the airport as thousands tried to escape the Taliban. Dan […]


Disciplinary timeline extends to next year for federal employees not complying with vaccine mandate

The White House says federal employees who are not complying with the vaccine mandate will not face disciplinary action until at least early next year. Those actions could mean unpaid suspensions or firing. Lisa Rein, federal government reporter for the Washington Post, said unions had pressed the Biden administration to delay disciplinary actions until after […]


Proposal for new research agency highlights federal hiring system challenges

The bipartisan infrastructure bill would create a new research agency in the Department of Transportation called the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Infrastructure (ARPA-I), but it would operate without civil service job protections. Lisa Rein, federal government reporter at the Washington Post, said the government would be establishing ARPA-I outside the normal civil service system because of […]

Government Matters The Federal Beat

The Federal Beat

Kristina Wong, defense reporter for The Hill newspaper, Lindsey Mcpherson, house leadership reporter for CQ Roll Call, and Kelsey Snell, congressional reporter for the Washington Post, participate in a special Congressional edition of the Federal Beat.

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