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Department of Veterans Affairs works to tackle long Covid in veterans through research and treatment

Long Covid is defined as new, returning or lingering symptoms after an initial Covid-19 infection. As the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the largest integrated healthcare system in the United States, the Department of Veterans Affairs has launched several initiatives to study and treat the long-term effects of Covid-19 on veterans. Dr. Carolyn Clancy, assistant […]


Department of Veterans Affairs could get 3D-printed living bone to clinics in three years

3D printing technology has been around for a while, but at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), printing an actual model of a patient’s organ will help improve surgeries and healthcare for vets. Dr. Beth Ripley, VHA 3D Printing Network Initiative enterprise lead, VA Ventures director and radiologist at the VA Puget Sound Health Care […]


VHA Innovation Experience Virtual Series will showcase initiatives to support veterans

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has an event next week. The Innovation Experience (iEX) Virtual Series will showcase advances in innovation, collaboration and technology that will improve and save veterans’ lives. Allison Amrhein, Director of Operations at the VHA Innovators Network, said the event will highlight technology, including virtual reality and clinical simulation, and initiatives, […]


Sammies finalist develops interconnected, hospital-based 3D printing network

Dr. Beth Ripley, Chair of the 3D Printing Advisory Committee at the Veterans Health Administration, explains the effort she is leading for the VA that provides care to patients using 3D printed versions of their organs


Updates from the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem

Danielle Krakora, Product Manager at the VA Office of Information and Technology, describes how the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem pivoted from creating solutions for veterans to providing protective gear for first responders during the coronavirus


Creating innovative solutions at Veterans Affairs health care centers

Dr. Ryan Vega, executive director of the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem, details the health innovations happening at VA Centers.

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