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Valerie Insinna

Air Force will need to make tradeoffs with F-35s and competing priorities, says air warfare reporter

The F-35 is the Air Force’s top-of-the-line fighter jet, but how many do they need and how many can they afford? Valerie Insinna, Air Warfare Reporter at Defense News, said the Air Force would buy all of the approximately 1,700 F-35s in the program of record if it had unlimited funds but that other weapons […]


Valerie Insinna: Rep. Smith has “jumped on the bandwagon” with concerns about F-35 costs

The F-35 program will get a closer look from the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in this Congress. Congressman Adam Smith calls the program a “failure on a massive freaking scale.” “I think what’s new here is that the Air Force has actually come out and they’re saying, ‘we’re studying our tactical aircraft […]


Tracking delays in the F-35 program

Valerie Insinna, Air Warfare Reporter for Defense News, talks about the delay in the F-35 program moving to full-rate production and the replacement of the Autonomic Logistics Information System


The Federal Beat – February 2, 2020

Oriana Pawlyk, reporter at, and Valerie Insinna, Air Warfare Reporter for Defense News, discuss the F-35’s ‘must-fix’ changes.


A look ahead at defense in 2020

Lauren Williams, staff writer at FCW, Valerie Insinna, air warfare reporter at Defense News and Sara Sirota, associate editor of Inside the Air Force, discuss what they’re tracking in defense as we enter a new year.


Japan wants to be an “official partner” in F-35 program

Valerie Insinna, air warfare reporter for Defense News, discusses Japan’s intention to become a partner in manufacturing the F-35, and the ramifications it could have on the Joint Strike Fighter program


The Pentagon Beat – May 26, 2019

Oriana Pawlyk, reporter at and Valerie Insinna, air warfare reporter at Defense News, discuss the nomination of Barbara Barrett to be the next Air Force secretary, and the congressional reaction to the White House’s Space Force plan.

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