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U.S. Navy

Government Matters The Pentagon Beat

The Pentagon Beat – September 5, 2018

Politico Defense Reporter, Jacqueline Klimas and USNI News Deputy Editor, Megan Eckstein cover the top defense stories of the week. Topics on this edition include the costs associated with the Space Force and the status of the Senate Armed Services Committee’s turnover.


U.S. Navy weaponry challenges

Jerry Hendrix, vice president of Telemus Group, discusses the Navy’s work developing state-of-the-art weapons, and how the existence of a Chinese railgun should change the Pentagon’s priorities.

Defense Matters with Richard V. Spencer

Navy Secretary prioritizes ‘people, capabilities & processes’

In this special two-part interview, Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer discusses meeting readiness goals, office reorganization and the path to a 355-ship navy.


Navy reorganization aims to modernize business operations

Thomas Modly, Under Secretary of the U.S. Navy, discusses the restructuring effort of the Office of the Navy Secretary, and why breaking down organizational silos will be instrumental in that effort.

The Federal Beat

The Federal Beat – April 15, 2018

Lauren Williams, Cyber & Defense Reporter at FCW, Joseph Marks, Cybersecurity Correspondent at NextGov and Fedscoop senior tech reporter Carten Cordell discuss some of the past week’s top stories. Topics featured in this edition include the Office of the Director of National Intelligence reorganizing its CIO office, the Navy disestablishing theirs, and a possible new […]

Government Matters The future of U.S. strategy in the Arctic

The future of U.S. strategy in the Arctic

Government Matters takes a closer look at U.S. Arctic policy, and how agencies and industry are working together on building next-generation polar vehicles.

Defense Matters with James Guerts

Agile acquisition strategies at the U.S. Navy

James Guerts, assistant secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquisition, outlines the themes of the Navy’s new acquisition strategies, and how he plans to approach the reorganization.


Impact of FY18 omnibus bill on Navy shipbuilding efforts

Jerry Hendrix, senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, discusses some issues with the Navy’s plan for a 355-ship fleet, and how focusing less on “capital ships” could help.

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