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U.S. Cyber Command

Advice for mentorship in national security field from Joint Intelligence Operations Center commander

Most people recognize the importance of mentorship, but in the national security field, it can be especially critical to success. Colonel Candice Frost, commander of the Joint Intelligence Operations Center at U.S. Cyber Command, has spoken and written about this topic. She recommended looking for a mentor who is open and willing to learn and […]

Tech Matters with Michael Ehrlich

Cyber Command lays out FY19 plans to utilize cyberwarfare tools

Michael Ehrlich, chief technology officer of IronNet, discusses U.S. Cyber Command’s search for their own suite of cyber tools, and how they want to build out defensive capabilities.

Defense Matters with Maj. Gen. George Franz

Key themes in Defense Department’s cyber strategy

Maj. Gen. George Franz (US Army, Ret.), managing director at Accenture Federal Services, discusses the Department of Defense’s new cyber strategy, and his major takeaways.


New Cyber Command leader pushes for more aggressive cyber defense

Ron Marks, intelligence program chair at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security, discusses what a more “aggressive” stance means for cyber defense, and how it could change operational strategy at the agency.


Challenges in offensive cyber operations

Robert Bigman, founder of 2BSecure and former CIA Chief Information Security Officer, discusses the idea of “hack-backs” and why he believes that going on the offensive in cyberspace isn’t a good idea.

Security Matters Chris Bing

Examining the approval process for government-backed cyberattacks

Chris Bing, associate editor at CyberScoop, discusses how members of the National Security Council are looking to change the way “disruptive” cyberwarfare is authorized.

Government Matters with Rear Adm. Bill Leigher

Top priorities for new NSA & Cyber Command leadership

Retired Rear Admiral Bill Leigher, director of DoD Cyber Programs at Raytheon, talks with Colby Hochmuth about the upcoming change in leadership at Fort Meade and how Cyber Command would fare under Paul Nakasone.

February 2023
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