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The TonyScottGroup

Silos will create challenges in implementing cybersecurity memo, says former federal chief information officer

Federal agencies have 60 days to identify all critical software at their offices. The new White House memo says agencies must implement security measures within the next year. Tony Scott, former federal chief information officer, now chief executive officer of The TonyScott Group, said the biggest challenge for agencies to carry out the order within […]


Former United States chief information officer supports Senate cyber bill

A new Senate bill would require organizations to report cyber hacks to the government within 24 hours. The bill is the latest attempt to face the growing issue of cyber breaches in the public and private sectors. Tony Scott, former federal chief information officer and now chief executive officer of The TonyScottGroup, said he thinks […]


Former federal chief information officers discuss new cybersecurity executive order

President Biden’s new executive order on cybersecurity has some important tasks for agencies, some of which have been around for a while. Former Federal Chief Information Officer Karen Evans said one critically important element of the order is the element about a Software Bill of Materials, a formal record for enhancing software supply chain security. […]


Plan for replacement costs to avoid technical debt, advises former federal chief information officer

The Biden administration would add more money to the Technology Modernization Fund, a funding vehicle for federal technology modernization projects, if Congress passes the appropriations that match the White House’s budget request. Individual agencies would get more money too. Former Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott said agencies should budget for replacement costs of IT […]


Former federal CIO says Technology Modernization Fund has been “transformational”

The Technology Modernization Fund could get as much as $1 billion in funding if the Senate’s version of stimulus legislation passes. The bill includes cash for the U.S. Digital Service too. Former Federal Chief Information Officers Suzette Kent and Tony Scott agree this funding would be very beneficial for modernization, cybersecurity and the ability to […]


Department of Defense could start from scratch on JEDI cloud contract

Tony Scott, CEO of The TonyScottGroup, LLC, discusses the possibility of the DoD starting over on the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud computing contract


The SolarWinds breach and the OPM breach

Tony Scott, CEO of The TonyScottGroup, LLC, explains what led to the major hack of federal agencies and contrasts it with the OPM breach of 2015

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