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Telemus Group

Navy running out of time to maintain capabilities edge, says retired Navy Captain

The Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday says the Navy cannot get to its 355 ship goal with the budget it has now. He told the House Armed Services Committee 305 ships is the most it can support today. Jerry Hendrix, retired Navy Captain, said he is “greatly concerned” about the limited time the […]


Planning a fleet structure for the future

Jerry Hendrix, Vice President of the Telemus Group, joins Francis Rose to discuss the Navy’s future fleet structure plan and his new book.


Navy could consider a fleet of up to 530 ships

Jerry Hendrix, Vice President of Telemus Group, discusses the necessity of a larger Navy and the cost of developing it


U.S. Navy adds patrols in the Arctic Circle

Jerry Hendrix, Vice President of Telemus Group, discusses what the U.S. has done and needs to do to counter the territorial claims Russia is making in the Arctic Ocean


New Indo-Pacific strategy to be released soon

Jerry Hendrix, vice president of the Telemus Group, discusses what could be in the new U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy, and the makeup of the 355-ship fleet.


Biggest defense & national security stories of 2018

Kate Kidder, associate political scientist at the RAND Corporation, Capt. Jerry Hendrix (USN, Ret.), VP of the Telemus Group, and Col. Dan Merry (USAF, Ret.), VP of government relations at the Military Officers Association of America, discuss the year’s top defense news, and what to look for in 2019.


U.S. Navy weaponry challenges

Jerry Hendrix, vice president of Telemus Group, discusses the Navy’s work developing state-of-the-art weapons, and how the existence of a Chinese railgun should change the Pentagon’s priorities.

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Spotlight: Space Force / DoD

The Space Force Spotlight is coming to Government Matters later this month, sponsored by Chenega. Space Force leaders will outline their initiatives and the work they are doing with DoD partners and industry to meet…

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