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Most important things for contractors to know in a shutdown

Alan Chvotkin, executive VP and counsel at the Professional Services Council, discusses how contractors can better prepare for a shutdown, and the impact the previous government shutdown had on companies.


How continuing resolutions impact the Department of Defense

Wes Hallman from the National Defense Industrial Association speaks with Francis Rose about the dangers of extended continuing resolutions.


Coast Guard Commandant Schultz lays out infrastructure & fleet priorities

In this two-part interview from SeaAirSpace, Coast Guard Commandant Karl Shultz discusses funding, the arctic and top priorities for the sea service.

Government Matters with Berteau and Neal

Partial shutdown lifted, agencies & contractors back to work

Professional Services Council president & CEO David Berteau and ICF senior vice president Jeff Neal discuss how federal leaders and contractors should handle Monday morning following the longest government shutdown in history. (Note: Neal said some federal employees might see paychecks on Wednesday. He expects everyone to be paid by Friday.)

Government Matters Panel with Ellis

The cost of a federal government shutdown

Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, outlines the consequences of government shutdowns, and why the current shutdown is similar to the one in 2013. 

Government Shutdown

Government Matters (Full Show) — December 23, 2018

The partial government shutdown continued Sunday. Congress and the President could not agree on a funding deal to re-open nine federal departments and other government agencies. The shutdown is partial because Congress passed and President Trump signed appropriations for the rest of government months ago. For a status update on the shutdown and its impact […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – January 21, 2018

On Friday at midnight, government shut down for the first time since 2013. It happened over differences in Congress about whether or not a short-term funding bill should include protections for younger immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. The Trump administration promised to minimize the impact, but Office of Management and Budget Director […]


The Federal Beat: Shutdown Watch

Budget debates dominated the conversation on Capitol Hill this week as lawmakers scrambled to avoid a government shutdown. At the time of this posting, lawmakers had yet to reach a deal and time is short. Federal funding runs out at midnight on Friday. With preparations for furloughs, building closures, and contingency plans for re-opening, the […]

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