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Shared Services

Updates on shared services in government

Simon Szykman, CTO for Federal Services at Attain, LLC, goes over the implementation of shared services going forward


Shared services in the President’s Management Agenda

Robert Shea, National Managing Principal for Public Policy at Grant Thornton, discusses improvements in shared services and customer experience and comments on the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee and COVID-19 oversight

Tech Matters

Promoting shared services in the federal government

Michelle Sparrow-Walker, director of the Systems and Integration Office at the Department of State, and Mark Busby, chief technology officer at the National Archives, discuss cloud migration, and how they’re looking to implement shared services for cloud at their agencies.

John Marshall

Challenges agencies face when implementing shared services

John Marshall, founder & CEO of the Shared Services Leadership Coalition, discusses challenges in implementing shared services in the federal government, and how agencies can confront them.

Government Matters with Dave Mader

PMA: Agencies to share purchases, technology and experts

Dave Mader, former controller at the Office of Management and Budget and civilian sector chief strategy officer at Deloitte, discusses what the President’s Management Agenda says about shared services. 

Government Matters Mark Glorioso

Priorities for NASA’s Shared Services Center

Mark Glorioso, executive director of NASA’s Shared Services Center, discusses how that NSSC mission is evolving as the concept of shared services takes root across government.


DOJ’s strategy on IT modernization

Melinda Rogers, chief information security officer at the Department of Justice, discusses DOJ’s strategy for modernization, system consolidation, shared services, and cybersecurity.

Government Matters with Elizabeth Angerman

Studying the data around shared services

In October of 2015, the Office of Management and Budget chartered a new organization dubbed USSM — Unified Shared Services Management. It’s stated goal: Transform the way government does business internally in order to improve the way government serves the American public externally. Elizabeth Angerman, executive director of USSM, was recently nominated for a Service to […]

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