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Kaitlyn Johnson: More investment in space domain awareness capabilities is “crucial”

The Space Force and other Pentagon agencies will need to respond to the growing threat of anti-satellite capabilities. A new report says Russia and China are making advances in counterspace weapons faster than the U.S. is approving its defenses. While the U.S. has protections against some types of anti-satellite attacks, we could be doing a […]

Tech Matters with Tim Schmit

NOAA meteorologist develops cutting-edge satellite tech

Tim Schmit, satellite research meteorologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a Sammies 2018 finalist, discusses how his work has improved forecasting, and taught people how to analyze huge amounts of data from NOAA satellites.


The effect of DoD satellites on the private sector

Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, discusses the new Department of Defense communications satellites outlined in the omnibus spending bill, and how they will impact the private SATCOM industry.


Pentagon to build & launch new satellites with Boeing

Robert Levinson, senior defense analyst at Bloomberg Government, discusses the surprise DoD communications satellites in the 2018 omnibus bill, and the CIA’s open source efforts. 

Government Matters The future of NASA, industry partnership in space

The future of NASA, industry partnership in space

NASA is looking to gain more industry partners. The agency’s Space Communications and Navigation directorate recently put out a request for information, indicating that the agency is looking to purchase off-the-shelf hardware for their next generation of satellites. Government Matters’ Colby Hochmuth has the full report.  

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