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Sarah Ferris

Government Matters Panel

Lawmakers focus on spending ahead of September deadline

Sarah Ferris, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico and Nancy Ognanovich, congressional reporter at Bloomberg Government, discuss the grouped spending bills making their way through Congress.

Government Matters with Ferris and Tiron

What’s happening this week on Capitol Hill

Sarah Ferris, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico, and Bloomberg Government Reporter Roxana Tiron detail the latest congressional priorities, such as the House’s ‘minibus’ and the 2019 NDAA reaching the full Senate.


White House $15B cutback proposal causes agency spending hold

Sarah Ferris, budget and appropriations reporter at Politico, and David Hawkings, senior editor at CQ Roll Call discuss the continuing fallout from the White House’s suggested rescissions package, and why Congress isn’t too pleased with it.


White House requests $15B spending cut from federal budget

Politico Budget and Appropriations Reporter Sarah Ferris, and David Hawkings, senior editor of CQ Roll Call, discuss the White House requesting to cut $15 billion worth of spending accounts, and congressional efforts to revive a VA reform plan.


Trump, GOP considering plan to rescind budget spending

Sarah Ferris, Budget and Appropriations Reporter at Politico and David Hawkings, Senior Editor of CQ Roll Call, discuss a possible plan to rescind some spending from last month’s omnibus, and how the debate over the FY19 budget could play out.


Appropriations activity on Capitol Hill this week

Time is running out for 2018 budget appropriations, and federal agencies are starting to feel the pressure. While the offices wait to learn how they can use the money given to them, Congress is dealing with some of its own issues. Some of the biggest roadblocks to passing appropriations are controversial riders attached to the […]


Appropriations to-do list for Congress

Now that the government has been funded for another year, Congress has moved on to appropriations. What has to be done in the next few weeks in order to make sure the money goes where it need to? “They have just under 30 days until the omnibus is due, but lawmakers on the hill are […]

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