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Incorporating communities in large-scale rebuilding projects

Service to America Medal winner Ryan Shelby, diplomatic attaché and Foreign Service Officer at USAID, recaps his work building hurricane resistant homes in Haiti.


Sammies winner makes improvements at the Kennedy Space Center

2019 Service to America Medal winner Robert Cabana, former astronaut and director of the John F. Kennedy Space Center, discusses how he helped to revitalize the spaceport for use by commercial industry, and pave the path back to the moon.


Sammies finalist discovers genetic origins of kidney cancer

Dr. W. Marston Linehan, chief of the Urologic Oncology Branch at the National Cancer Institute of NIH and Sammies 2019 finalist discusses his work into researching cancer causes, and how his work revolutionized treatment.


SAMMIEs finalist gives Medicare patients better access to their health records

Shannon Sartin from the Department of Health and Human Services highlights her work developing the Blue Button 2.0 platform.


Efforts to help find people on electricity-dependent medical equipment

Sammies 2019 finalist Kristen Finne, Senior Program Analyst and Manager at the HHS emPOWER Program, discusses ensuring safety for people on medical devices during power outages, and how data can help those in the path of disaster.


Researcher develops program to prevent hearing loss in the Navy

Sammies 2019 finalist Kurt Yankaskas, Noise Induced Hearing Loss Program Officer at the Office of Naval Research, discusses his work developing better hearing protection for sailors, and how new technology can play a role.


Sammies finalist keeps crops safe from infestations

Osama El-Lissy, deputy administrator for plant protection and quarantine at USDA & Sammies 2019 finalist, discusses his efforts in eliminating Pink Bollworm crop infestations, and how his work has improved the lives of farmers across the country.

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