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Sammies 2017

Workforce Matters with Jim Seymour

‘Oscars’ of government service take place Wednesday night

Jim Seymour, director of programs and events at the Partnership for Public Service, previews the 2017 Service to America Medals ceremony.

Government Matters with Paul Ohodnicki

DOE scientist honored for developing energy-monitoring sensor

Paul Ohodnicki, a materials scientist at the National Energy Technology Lab (NETL), discusses his work on advanced sensors designed to monitor U.S. energy levels.

Sammies Finalists

Sammies finalists pioneered ‘quality of outcomes’ program at CMS

John Pilotte and Heather Grimsley with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Baltimore discuss their work on Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). They’re finalists for a Service to America Medal.  


Cross-agency team honored for Medicare fraud investigation

Kevin Nalu, special agent for criminal investigation at the IRS, discusses the work that earned him and three other colleagues recognition as finalists for the Service to America Medals in the Homeland Security & Law Enforcement category.

Government Matters with Jovan

Sammies finalists improve the air pollution screening process, save millions

Sarah Jovan, research ecologist for the Pacific Northwest Research Station at the U.S. Forest Service, discusses her work on air pollution. Jovan and her colleague Geoffrey Donovan are finalists (in the Promising Innovations category) for a 2017 Service to America Medal.

Government Matters with Stayce Beck

FDA team helped greenlight first-generation artificial pancreas

Stayce Beck, chief of the Diabetes Diagnostics Devices Branch at the FDA, discusses her work on the first automated insulin delivery device in the world. Some refer to it as a first-generation artificial pancreas.

Government Matters with Rory Cooper

Veteran honored for breakthrough work helping the disabled

Rory Cooper, director of human engineering research laboratories at the Department of Veterans Affairs, discusses the work that won him a 2017 nomination for the Service to America Medals.

Government Matters with Elizabeth Angerman

Studying the data around shared services

In October of 2015, the Office of Management and Budget chartered a new organization dubbed USSM — Unified Shared Services Management. It’s stated goal: Transform the way government does business internally in order to improve the way government serves the American public externally. Elizabeth Angerman, executive director of USSM, was recently nominated for a Service to […]

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