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Risk Management

Lessons learned from risk in government contracting

Maj Gen Suzanne “Zan” Vaultrinot (USAF-Ret.), president of Kilovolt Consulting, discusses why it’s important to loop procurement officers into military exercises, and why risk is something to be embraced.


Importance of cybersecurity and risk management

Katell Thielemann, research vice president at Gartner, outlines why risk management is good for cybersecurity, and why partnerships are important to a successful strategy.

Government Matters Panel

Military risk management compared to civilian risk management

Sean Vineyard, managing director and public sector lead at 11th Hour Service, outlines the differences between military and civilian risk management strategies, and why the Pentagon has “some of the best risk practitioners”

Industry Matters Industry works with DHS on supply chain, cybersecurity issues

Industry works with DHS on supply chain, cybersecurity issues

Rosemary Johnson, senior vice president of Savi, and Anthony Scriffignano, chief data scientist at Dun & Bradstreet, discuss the Department of Homeland Security’s supply chain and risk management initiatives, and how leveraging data can help.

Government Matters Panel with Krebs

Top priorities for DHS’ National Protection & Programs Directorate

In this special two-part interview, NPPD Under Secretary Christopher Krebs joins the program to discuss the Department of Homeland Security’s new risk management center and his agency’s potential name change.


NIST pushes on next version of Risk Management Framework

Jonathan Alboum, CTO of Public Sector at Veritas discusses upcoming changes to the NIST framework, and why it will place a greater emphasis on privacy than the first version.


DHS launches new national risk management center

Ari Schwartz, managing director of cybersecurity services at Venable, discusses the new Department of Homeland Security risk management center, and the effect the Homeland Security Supply Chain Act would have on contractors.

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