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Richard A. Spires Consulting

Government should focus on career paths to retain employees, says former agency chief information officer

The Department of Homeland Security will onboard more than 300 new cyber specialists. The next task for the agency will be to keep them. Richard Spires, principal at Richard A. Spires Consulting, former chief information officer at the Department of Homeland Security, said the federal government struggles with laying out paths for learning and growth […]


Former DHS chief information officer calls for more agency-level oversight for Technology Modernization Fund

The board for the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF), a government funding vehicle that encourages innovation, will receive fewer than 100 “pretty robust” project proposals by June 2, according to Federal Chief Information Officer Clare Martorana. The TMF will focus on cybersecurity proposals after multiple high-profile cyber hacks at agencies. Richard Spires, former Chief Information Officer […]


Too many in government worried about compliance reporting, says former department chief information officer

The SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange breaches remind leaders at agencies the policies that govern cybersecurity across government are not stopping damaging breaches. Remaking the Federal Information Security Management Act, which requires development of agency-wide information security programs, could involve as many as six steps. Former Chief Information Officer of the Department of Homeland Security and […]


Implementing IT modernization across government

Richard Spires, Principal at Richard A. Spires Consulting, discusses recommendations for effective implementation of agency IT modernization under the Biden administration

Interview guest

“Wholesale change” necessary in approach to IT, says former DHS CIO

Richard Spires, Principal at Richard A. Spires Consulting, discusses investment in IT modernization across government in the next administration


Implementing a cyber risk management framework

Richard Spires, Principal at Richard A. Spires Consulting, discusses how agencies can approach building a cybersecurity risk management framework


New Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act scorecard

Richard Spires, Principal at Richard A. Spires Consulting, discusses his take on the new FITARA scorecard, recommendations to evolve it, and the impact of IT on agency missions

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