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RAND Corporation

China named as biggest threat to US in latest National Defense Strategy

Jim Mitre, director of the International Security and Defense Policy Program at the RAND Corporation, discusses the threats of China and Russia in the 2022 National Defense Strategy


Russia purchasing ammunition from North Korea

David Johnson, principal researcher at RAND Corporation, analyzes Russia’s munitions purchases from North Korea and nuclear power plant concerns


Government working to address extreme security threats from quantum computers

A future quantum computer would be able to break current internet encryption, meaning anyone with that tool could hack into previous financial transactions, medical records and national security secrets. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working on post-quantum cryptography that can stand up to an attack by a quantum computer. Edward Parker, […]


Blockade of Taiwan by China would be ‘power grab,’ says researcher

There are several things China could do to pressure Taiwan, short of full-scale invasion, including cutting off the island in a type of blockade. Bradley Martin, director of the RAND National Security Supply Chain Institute and senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, wrote a report on this topic. Martin said this would be a […]


North Korea seeks to escalate tensions through missile tests: Policy analyst

North Korea recently test fired eight short-range ballistic missiles from several locations toward the sea. U.S. and South Korean officials say these tests might culminate in a nuclear test explosion. Soo Kim, policy analyst at RAND Corporation and former analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, said North Korea’s goal is to escalate tensions with South […]


US position on no-fly zone sends wrong message, argues political scientist

Ukrainian President Zelensky has asked the United States many times to declare a no-fly zone over his country. So far, the answer has been no. Raphael Cohen, director of the Strategy and Doctrine Program of Project AIR FORCE at the RAND Corporation, argues it was a mistake to take that option off the table. Cohen […]


DoD exhibits pattern of flawed procedures regarding civilian harm, says defense researcher

Last month, Defense Secretary Austin directed the department to create an action plan on civilian harm mitigation and response. Michael McNerney, acting director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at the RAND Corporation, has conducted an independent assessment of DoD processes and policies relating to civilian casualties resulting from U.S. military operations. McNerney […]


Supporting military commanders is essential for stopping extremism, says sociologist

The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and other attacks have raised questions as to why current and former military members would associate with extremist movements. A RAND Corporation report, “Reducing the Risk of Extremist Activity in the U.S. Military,” outlines how the Defense Department can combat domestic extremism among service members. Marek Posard, military […]

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