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President’s Management Agenda

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management

Rafael Borras, President and CEO of the Homeland Security and Defense Business Council, talks about agencies’ progress on implementing Enterprise Risk Management and best practices for managing risks


Shared services in the President’s Management Agenda

Robert Shea, National Managing Principal for Public Policy at Grant Thornton, discusses improvements in shared services and customer experience and comments on the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee and COVID-19 oversight


Exit interview with Federal Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent

Suzette Kent, U.S. Chief Information Officer, reflects on accomplishments as well as priorities to focus on in federal IT moving forward, after announcing she is leaving OMB next month


History of the President’s Management Agenda

Dan Chenok, executive director of the IBM Center for the Business of Government, outlines how the President’s Management Agenda has changed over 20 years, and what major developments happened since its introduction.


The lasting impact of the President’s Management Agenda

Danny Werfel, managing director and partner at Boston Consulting Group, and Robert Shea, principal at Grant Thornton Public Sector, discuss the role of the President’s Management Agenda and lasting implementations made by prior presidencies.


Trends in customer experience at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Barbara Morton, deputy chief customer officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs, details how the department is improving resources to serve veterans more efficiently, and the factors needed to implement these changes.

Government Matters Panel

“Perspectives on the President’s Management Agenda”

Alan Balutis, senior director and distinguished fellow at Cisco Systems, Martha Dorris, former head of the Office of Strategic Programs at GSA and Alan Shark, executive director of the Public Technology Institute discuss the first year of the President’s Management Agenda, and how it can improve moving into year two.

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