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Former OPM director says new COVID-19 rules for federal employees are “opportunity to lead”

The Biden administration will require all federal employees and on-site contractors to prove their vaccination status or submit to regular COVID-19 testing and a mask mandate. President Biden recommends the private sector follow suit. Janice Lachance, former Office of Personnel Management director and now executive vice president at the American Geophysical Union, said the requirements […]


Former Office of Personnel Management director says rehiring rule is “great news”

Federal agencies can finally rehire employees at higher grades than they held when they left government. A final rule is out from the Office of Personnel Management to detail the processes agencies can follow. Jeff Pon, former director of the Office of Personnel Management, said the rule is a “great move,” especially because outside experience […]

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Agencies must work with current process to modernize and reform hiring, human capital expert says

The Biden administration’s budget request shows the White House wants to blow up hiring all across government. Human capital pros worry the hiring process that isn’t working well now could make the administration’s plan a little more complicated. Jeri Buchholz, former Chief Human Capital Officer at NASA, said Congress does not have the bandwidth for […]


Plans for returning to workplaces must be unique to each office, says Cyber Florida director

Some big private sector companies are putting out policies and requirements for bringing employees back to the office. Many are looking at bringing some employees back after Memorial Day and bringing most people back after Labor Day. Ron Sanders, Staff Director at Cyber Florida, said the private sector guidance makes sense, but exact plans at […]


Latest federal employee survey results show record improvements

The numbers are in for the latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. Employee engagement and job satisfaction are both up. Michael Rigas, former Acting Director of the Office of Personnel Management, said the survey results show record increases in the 37 areas measured, improvement in all areas since 2016 and all-time highs in 31 of the […]


New federal employee survey could help update outdated competency models

A new survey of federal employees is coming from the Office of Personnel Management. The Federal Workforce Competency Initiative will collect data the agency will use for job design, recruitment, performance management and training. Mika Cross, Federal Workplace Expert, said this survey could help refresh competency models that have been used for decades but have […]


Appropriations infusion could revolutionize Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management has a new list of recommendations from the National Academy of Public Administration. Some former officials say there is a risk those recommendations could get lost in the shuffle. Former OPM Director Janice Lachance said NAPA’s recommendation to transition the agency from a fee-for-service organization to an appropriated organization would […]

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