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Report reveals effect of Covid-19 on defense industrial base

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) puts out a report every year called “Vital Signs,” which assesses the health of the defense industrial base. This year, for the first time, the organization gave a failing grade. Col. Wesley Hallman (USAF, ret.), senior vice president for strategy and policy at NDIA, said the report shows that […]


Passing appropriations bill imperative in face of increasing global instability, says NDIA chair

The fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act has passed, but Congress has yet to pass the annual appropriations bill, meaning the Defense Department (DoD) is still operating under a continuing resolution. Maj. Gen. Arnold Punaro (USMC-ret.), chair of the National Defense Industrial Association and author of “The Ever-Shrinking Fighting Force,” says the failure to pass […]


Hypersonic weapons development critical regardless of Russian or Chinese investment, says former defense official

Hypersonic weapons can travel at a speed of at least five times the speed of sound, around 3,800 miles per hour. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall says he is not satisfied with the pace of development for those hypersonic missiles and says there is some progress on technology, but he wants it to be even […]


“Revolving door” between government and industry not a major threat, retired Air Force colonel argues

Hundreds of presidentially nominated, Senate-confirmed positions remain vacant to date. The vacancies in the Pentagon can adversely affect the execution of long-term national defense strategy, according to Col. Wesley Hallman (USAF ret.), senior vice president of strategy and policy at the National Defense Industrial Association. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) had put a hold, which she has […]


Vertical mergers critical for defense innovation, says National Defense Industrial Association head

The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing its guidelines on vertical mergers, or a company’s acquisition of other components in its supply chain. But these guidelines jeopardize national security, according to Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle (USAF, Ret.), president and chief executive officer of the National Defense Industrial Association. Carlisle said preventing small, innovative startups from merging […]


Air Force focuses on “hard capabilities” to demonstrate value of Advanced Battle Management System

A huge step is now in place for the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), which lays the groundwork for the system that connects all of the services together, Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2). Deborah Lee James, former secretary of the Air Force and author of “Aim High: Chart Your Course and Find […]


United States must balance sharing and protecting technology, says defense technology expert

Seven Chinese companies are on an export blacklist tonight because they use American technology to create weapons for the Chinese military. The problem is the companies are not doing anything illegal. Mark Lewis, Executive Director of the Emerging Technologies Institute at the National Defense Industrial Association, said the United States must balance sharing information to […]


The Biden administration and the Defense Industrial Base

Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle (USAF, Ret.), President and CEO of the National Defense Industrial Association, discusses potential changes to the defense industry with the incoming administration

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