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International partners are key to Artemis project

International collaboration is critical for NASA’s multibillion-dollar Artemis campaign to ultimately send a crewed mission to Mars. A new audit finds that several factors could be hindering the agency’s partnerships. International partners are key to keeping the Artemis program affordable and sustainable long-term, Kevin Fagedes, assistant director in the NASA Office of Inspector General, said. […]


NASA’s Artemis program is inspiring the next generation

Right now, the Orion space craft is on a 26-day journey. It will travel more than a million miles and orbit the moon before returning to Earth Dec. 11. One goal of the Artemis 1 mission is to create a blueprint for humans to do science and exploration throughout the solar system, NASA deputy administrator […]


NASA changes trajectory of asteroid

Lindley Johnson, lead program executive for NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office, discusses NASA’s successful Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) and initial findings


James Webb Space Telescope Program close to entering ‘science mode’

The James Webb Space Telescope weighs as much as a school bus, and its sun shield is the size of a tennis court. It’s now a million miles from Earth and will be able to look back 13.5 billion years, close to when the first galaxies were being formed. Gregory Robinson, program director for the […]


NASA ‘will go to the moon differently’ with Artemis, says Johnson Space Center director

This year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) enters a new era of space exploration, with plans to launch the first phase of the Artemis program by June 2022 for an uncrewed test run to the moon. The missions will pave the way for sending humans back to the moon by 2024, including the […]


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope could provide clarity on Big Bang

The James Webb Space Telescope launched on Dec. 25 after nearly three decades of development. The roughly $10 billion telescope sent back its first images just a few days ago. Dr. Christyl Johnson, deputy director for technology and research investments at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, said the James Webb Space Telescope, essentially the […]

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