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Chief information officer authorities must be elevated, say former agency leaders

The Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough says the agency will revamp its electronic health records project. Carol Harris of the Government Accountability Office told “Government Matters” this week one of the biggest issues the agency has is who talks to whom about its technology issues. David Powner, former director of IT […]


Russia’s Poseidon missile is a terror weapon, says geopolitical policy expert

The Russian military is testing a weapon called the Poseidon missile that could threaten the west coast of the United States. Former Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Ford says the weapon could generate radioactive tsunamis. Ford said the device is a terror weapon designed to kill or traumatize civilians and it is unclear what it […]


Adequate budgets critical for tackling urgent IT priorities, says former GAO director

The latest pandemic relief bill includes $1 billion for the Technology Modernization Fund. Former GAO director of IT issues David Powner said the TMF helps, but we also need to get away from flat budgets to truly tackle urgent IT priorities. Powner said cybersecurity and legacy modernization are the two biggest challenges facing chief information […]

David Powner

FITARA scorecard author emphasizes importance of legacy modernization

David Powner, Executive Director of the Center for Data-Driven Policy at MITRE, discusses important areas for the continued evolution of the FITARA scorecard, including the PMA, legacy modernization and a focus on cyber


Reforming the FITARA scorecard

David Powner, Director of Strategic Engagement & Partnerships at MITRE, discusses the results of the latest Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act scorecard and recommendations for improving future iterations


Updates on the tenth FITARA scorecard

David Powner, Director of Strategic Engagement & Partnerships at MITRE, talks about the tenth FITARA scorecard and areas where the scorecard could evolve going forward

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