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Mitchell Institute

‘I would disagree with the commander’: Mitchell Institute dean says small drones not a major threat

A large part of the modern warfare conversation centers around high-tech systems like hypersonic missiles, but smaller weapons like low-tech drones could be a serious threat to the U.S. military. However, Lt. Gen. David Deptula (USAF, ret.), dean of The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies, said he disagrees with Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth McKenzie Jr., […]


United States must make satellite constellations more defensible, says former Strategic Command leader

Russia is testing kinetic anti-satellite weapons (ASATs), and China is also expanding its military space capabilities. U.S. Space Force Chief Gen. Jay Raymond says the United States must mitigate that threat. Gen. Kevin Chilton (USAF, ret.), explorer chair for space warfighting studies at the Mitchell Institute Spacepower Advantage Research Center, said the U.S. must make […]


Pentagon should focus on action to deter anti-satellite capabilities, says spacepower strategy expert

China and Russia are expanding their anti-satellite (ASAT) capabilities to advance their weapons systems for outer space. Recently, Russia launched a missile that destroyed one of its defunct satellites. Chris Stone, senior fellow for space studies in the Spacepower Advantage Research Center at the Mitchell Institute, said the Defense Department should do more to build […]


Overclassification of space capabilities inhibits deterrence, argues national security expert

There is a debate about how much information about space capabilities should stay classified and how much the United States should reveal. Overclassification of space systems undermines the Pentagon’s ability to combat risks of mission failure during a crisis, according to Chris Stone, senior fellow for space studies at the Mitchell Institute’s Spacepower Advantage Research […]

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