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Military Times

A look back at top defense stories of 2022

As 2022 wraps up, we look back at the top defense stories of the year, and stories to watch for 2023. The biggest defense event of the year is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Aaron Mehta, editor in chief of Breaking Defense, said. Over the last few years, the defense industry has had three […]


Military Times deputy editor says he expects ‘pretty healthy increases’ in defense budgets to continue

Congress has passed a $1.5 trillion spending bill to fund the government through September, including $13.6 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine and a defense increase of nearly 5% over last fiscal year’s levels. Leo Shane III, deputy editor for Military Times, said there was a “pretty healthy increase” in the defense budget despite predictions […]


Federal government reporters on top stories of 2021

2021 has presented a host of challenges and new programs for the federal workforce and leaders in government. “Government Matters” asked federal reporters what their top stories were from this year. Leo Shane III, deputy editor at Military Times, said one of the biggest stories was the Department of Veterans Affairs electronic medical records overhaul, […]


Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden transition among biggest 2021 defense stories

The Defense Department saw many changes this year, with new initiatives and programs across all of the services. “Government Matters” reviewed the biggest defense stories of the year. Howard Altman, senior managing editor at Military Times, said the end of 20 years of U.S. presence in Afghanistan is a huge story and a continuing issue. […]


Russian attack on Ukraine would have “huge” geopolitical implications, Military Times senior managing editor says

Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency chief says Russia is moving troops and preparing to attack his country, but this time in a much more devastating way than during the conflict that started in 2014 and saw around 14,000 Ukrainians killed. Howard Altman, senior managing editor at Military Times, said Russia has approximately 92,000 troops around Ukraine’s […]


Biggest stories to watch in 2020

Frank Konkel, executive editor of Nextgov, Adam Mazmanian, executive editor of FCW and Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times, detail what top stories they’re looking to cover next year.


The Pentagon Beat – July 24, 2019

Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times and Tony Bertuca, chief editor of Inside the Pentagon, discuss the budget deal’s impact on the military and the federal government as a whole.


Update on the Defense Secretary nomination shake-up

Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times, discusses the leadership quakes at the Pentagon, and what they mean for the effectiveness of background checks in nominations.

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