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Military Times

Biggest stories to watch in 2020

Frank Konkel, executive editor of Nextgov, Adam Mazmanian, executive editor of FCW and Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times, detail what top stories they’re looking to cover next year.


The Pentagon Beat – July 24, 2019

Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times and Tony Bertuca, chief editor of Inside the Pentagon, discuss the budget deal’s impact on the military and the federal government as a whole.


Update on the Defense Secretary nomination shake-up

Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times, discusses the leadership quakes at the Pentagon, and what they mean for the effectiveness of background checks in nominations.


The Pentagon Beat – February 6, 2019

Deputy Editor Leo Shane III and Pentagon Bureau Chief Tara Copp from Military Times discuss the military implications of President Trump’s State of the Union address, and the movement of troops to the U.S-Mexico border.


Budget, China emerge as themes at Reagan National Defense Forum

Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times, and Ashley Tressel, managing editor of Inside the Army discuss takeaways from the Reagan National Defense Forum in California, and congressional reaction to the president’s proposed $700 billion defense budget.


The Pentagon Beat – November 7, 2018

Leo Shane III, deputy editor of Military Times, and Joe Gould, staff reporter at Defense News, discuss how the results of the recent election could change the makeup of the House and Senate defense committees, and the new faces that will be seen in the congressional meeting rooms.

The Pentagon Beat

The Pentagon Beat – October 31, 2018

On this edition of the Pentagon Beat: Tara Copp, Pentagon bureau chief at Military Times, and Hope Hodge Seck, managing editor of, discuss the armed forces’ deployment to the southern border, and how long they might stay there.

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