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Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions cause obstacles for small defense companies

The House Armed Services Committee has a new task force focused on reviewing the defense supply chain. The number of prime vendors has fallen by 36%. Travis Tritten, Senior Reporter at Bloomberg Government, said one factor contributing to this decline is mergers and acquisitions among large defense companies, which make it harder for smaller companies […]


Anticipation of tax changes is one factor driving mergers and acquisitions

Jean Stack, Managing Director at Baird, talks trends in mergers and acquisitions in the federal contracting space


Introducing Marjorie Censer

Marjorie Censer, editor of Inside Defense, is joining Government Matters as a fill in host. Francis sat down with her to discuss her experiences covering the federal government, and what stories she is following right now.

The Pentagon Beat

The Pentagon Beat – February 13, 2019

Marjorie Censer, editor of Inside Defense, and Tony Bertuca, chief editor of Inside the Pentagon, discuss the Defense Department’s request for a major increase in Overseas Contingency Operations funding, and the top mergers and acquisition trends in the defense industrial base for 2019.


DoD examining L3 & Harris merger’s impact on competitive landscape

John Song, managing director at Baird, details the $33 billion merger of two defense contractors and why we should expect more mergers and acquisitions in the near future.

Government Matters Panel with Asbury

CACI president gives overview of federal marketplace

Ken Asbury, president & CEO of CACI, discusses the firm’s outlook on contracting for both civilian and military agencies and how they decide companies to pursue for mergers and acquisitions.

Government Matters Data Deep Dive

Federal IT market transitions to a data-first approach

In the wake of sequestration, spending on federal IT is poised for a rebound — especially on the civilian side of government. But the market is in transition. The emphasis used to be on connectivity. Today, IT starts with data. Click the play icon to watch our third piece in a new series “Data Deep […]

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