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Marjorie Censer

Government Matters (Full Show) – March 11, 2021

Tyra Dent Smith: Changes in recruiting will increase diversity in SES positions Tyra Dent Smith, Executive Director of the African American Federal Executive Association, discusses recommendations for increasing diversity in Senior Executive Service positions   Female members of the military pay more out of pocket for uniform items Tina Won Sherman, Acting Director for Defense […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – March 10, 2021

Former acting DoD comptroller: “AI will be in everything” Elaine McCusker, Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, goes over her takeaways from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence’s recommendations for applying AI to defense   Kaitlyn Johnson: More investment in space domain awareness capabilities is “crucial” Kaitlyn Johnson, Deputy Director of the Aerospace […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – March 9, 2021

PSC president explains importance of Section 3610 authority David Berteau, President and CEO of the Professional Services Council, discusses the latest on the Section 3610 extension in the COVID-19 relief bill   Adequate budgets critical for tackling urgent IT priorities, says former GAO director David Powner, Executive Director of the Center for Data-Driven Policy at […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – March 8, 2021

GAO’s High-Risk List shows loss of leadership focus Greg Giddens, Partner at Potomac Ridge Consulting, provides his takeaways from GAO’s High-Risk List and the areas that are most critical to address   Stimulus bill includes more paid leave funding for federal workers Caitlin Emma, Budget and Appropriations Reporter at Politico, provides updates on the stimulus […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – January 18, 2021

Rebalancing the Navy surface fleet Bryan Clark, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, discusses the new shipbuilding plan, its cost and competition with China   The government’s role in preventing domestic terrorism Erroll Southers, Director of the Homegrown Violent Extremism Studies program at the University of Southern California, looks at what’s working and what needs […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – September 6, 2020

Modernization efforts at Army Futures Command GEN John “Mike” Murray (USA), Commanding General of Army Futures Command, discusses how the Army Futures Command is improving acquisitions using soldier-centered design and software-based processes   The COVID-19 Insights Partnership at the Energy Department Cheryl Ingstad, Director of the Artificial Intelligence and Technology Office at the Department of […]


Government Matters (Full Show) – September 2, 2020

Assessing the need for the Pentagon building James Hasik, Senior Fellow at the George Mason University Center for Government Contracting, details the advantages and disadvantages of remote work at the Department of Defense and the potential risks of continuing to use the Pentagon   Expanding telework options in the Air Force Deborah Lee James, Former […]

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Digital Transformation: Fostering Innovation Through Technology, People and Process

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